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Toddler 3

30-36 months

The Toddler 3 program focuses on preschool readiness skills with literacy, math and science activities in the forefront. This continues to be a time for hands-on learning and exploration through play, and this room in particular values nature and the outdoors. The  teachers in this classroom are incredibly nurturing and patient as they prepare our kids for preschool, including by completing toilet training. Once your child is 3 and toilet trained, he or she will be ready to transition to preschool.

Our uniquely low ratios continue into this room with, at most, a 4 toddler to 1 teacher ratio.

5 Areas of Focus

Communicating with Others

In Toddler 3, we use children's high-quality literature to promote a love of reading. We use alphabet games to encourage early literacy and letter sounds. This classroom's communication skills blossom through one-on-one, small group and large group discussions.

Building Brain Power

Toddler 3 helps your child gain higher-level thinking skills. Teachers encourage sensory activities, science experiments, nature walks, as well as small group mathematical and problem-solving activities.

Making New Friends

T3 teachers model social concepts and coach your child in developing strong relationships with peers. T3 kids perform classroom-helper roles with enthusiasm and are encouraged to engage in cooperative play.

Growing a Health Body

In this room, your older toddler is taught self-help skills such as putting on shoes, zipping coats, pouring liquids, and serving themselves. Children refine their fine motor skills through sorting activities with tweezers, scoops, or puzzles, and their large muscle skills including through stop-and-go games.

Nurturing Creativity

The T3 room inspires your child to explore their creative ideas. Teachers enhance storytelling through use of puppets and support expression through dramatic play, music, and art. 

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