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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours of operation?

Monday through Friday, 7:30 am until 5:30 pm, 52 weeks a year.

Do you offer half-day or part-time schedules?

Yes. We offer a variety of part-time schedule options. We understand that parents’ work schedules vary.

What age does my child need to be to attend?

Our Infant 1 program starts at 2 months old.

How many children do you have in attendance?

We are licensed for 51 children per day. Currently, we have 6 classrooms- one room for each age group (Infant 1, Infant 2, Toddler 1, Toddler 2, Toddler 3, & Preschool).

What is the child-teacher ratio?

Our infant rooms have a 2-1 ratio, toddler rooms have a 4-1 ratio, and preschool is 10-1. Our low child-teacher ratios allow your child to receive individual attention day in and day out.

What is the physical location of the school?

OCC is located in the educational wing at the back of First Baptist Church (though it is not affiliated with that or any other religious organization). It is just a short walk from West Hartford Center.

What type of outdoor space and equipment do you have?

We have two separate playgrounds just outside of OCC’s main door.The larger playground, for 2.5+ year olds, includes a large play structure, sandbox, and garden. The smaller playground, for children 2 and under, is equipped with a toddler climbing structure, water play tables and other age appropriate toys. Our toddlers and preschoolers enjoy outdoor activities twice a day when weather allows.

What type of indoor activity centers do you have?

Each classroom is equipped with age-appropriate learning centers, including libraries, play kitchens, music, dramatic play, sensory tables, and arts and crafts. We also have the “Big Room,” a huge indoor hall that our kids can play and explore in when the weather does not permit outdoor activities. The Big Room also has an attached kitchen that our preschool class uses for cooking and baking activities.

Do you offer extra-curricular programs?

Yes, we offer a variety of extra-curricular activities, including Music with Michelle (included in tuition), JumpBunch, Yoga and SoccerShots. When possible, we will schedule “drop-in” classroom programs offered by local museums and field trips for our older kids to enjoy.

How would you help my child adjust to Our Children’s Center?

Prior to attending OCC, we will schedule a few visiting days for you and your child. During these visits, you and your child will have the opportunity to become better acquainted with the environment, teachers, and other children. Your child’s teachers will observe your child and guide the rest of your child’s adjustment into school.

What is your teacher retention rate?

We have a wonderful team of teachers and very low turnover. Several of our teachers have worked for OCC for more than a decade! To retain qualified and satisfied teachers, we provide a team-building, family-oriented environment, and a generous benefits package.

Do teachers participate in continuing education?

OCC provides continuing ed trainings in ELDS and teachers attend 20+ hours of continuing education yearly. All are CPR, first aid and medication certified.

How do you handle challenging behavioral issues?

We use positive reinforcement and modeling techniques to encourage positive behavior. If a child becomes aggressive, our teachers discuss the problem in a soft, calm voice with the children involved. The children are encouraged to consider their friend’s feelings, come up with a solution and to help take care of their friend. Teachers will discuss any continual behavioral concerns with the child’s parents.

How do parents receive information?

We pride ourselves in providing detailed feedback to keep you aware of your child’s appetite, mood, health, and development. Infant and Toddler teachers provide a “daily sheet” with a snapshot of your child's day. Preschool teachers post weekly curriculum sheets. We schedule parent-teacher conferences to discuss your child’s accomplishments and set future goals. We use e-mail for regular updates, including about OCC family events and fundraisers.

What are your registration fees?

A one-time registration fee of $150 is required to hold your child’s spot.

What are your tuition fees?

Our tuition rates are listed here..

How do you handle tuition increases?

As a not-for-profit organization, OCC’s parent-led Board of Directors establish tuition rates each year based on the needs and costs of the center. Parents are notified about any tuition increases in advance.

What are your vacation days and holidays?

OCC is open year-round, but closed on major holidays. For more information, please see the sample Calendar posted on the Forms page. 

What food do you provide the children?

Parents provide lunch for their child, while OCC offers morning and afternoon snacks. It is our goal to provide a variety of healthy, and organic whenever possible, snacks.

Are you a peanut-free center?

If we have a child attending OCC who has a peanut allergy (or any nut allergy), we do eliminate nuts from the building.

Does my child need to be potty trained to attend?

No. We assist with potty learning when your child is ready.

What is your sick policy?

Children who have contagious symptoms may not attend the center in order to keep all kids and teachers healthy. For more information, see the Parent Handbook on the Forms page. 

Do you have security features?

The entrance to our classrooms are secured by pin-activated locks, ensuring that only our families and teachers can enter unassisted. In addition, security cameras on the second floor allow monitoring of the hallways. We have and test emergency plans.

Are your teachers CPR trained?

All teacher and staff members are required to hold current CPR & First Aid training. OCC provides renewal courses as needed.

What kind of parent involvement opportunities are available?

OCC is a wonderful community that thrives from parent involvement. We have many family events throughout the year, including our annual Art Show, Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day Breakfasts, Halloween Parade & Party, Thanksgiving Feast, Holiday Potluck, and Teacher Appreciation Week. Parents with any special talents or free time are always welcome to share them with the OCC community!

Do you run school fundraisers?

Yes, OCC is a non-profit daycare and preschool program, so fundraising is an objective every year. Examples of fundraising efforts are pie fundraisers, tag sales, book fairs, and coupon book fundraisers. We are also eligible for charitable contributions from corporations and individuals.

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