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A Letter from Jessica

A rewarding and successful teaching career spanning twenty-two years motivated me to bring my commitment to Our Children’s Center. I was able to offer experience, patience, and dedication for motivating young children to explore the world around them. I had spent the last eight of those years in the roles of Education Coordinator and Director and had mentored and coached Preschool, Toddler and Infant teachers on how to facilitate learning through play.

When I began working as OCC's Director in May of 2017, I knew I had found not only my dream job, but also my forever job. I knew this would be my final stop in my career as an Early Childhood Educator and Administrator.  If there is one thing that stands out that makes OCC special, it is the family feel that you get when you walk in. I felt it the day I walked in from both parents and staff. OCC is a family and you feel that every day that you are here. The communication between parents and staff is outstanding and every teacher treats every child as if he or she were their own.  

Throughout all of our classroom experiences, we support play and socialization as the heart of our program. We believe that play activities foster a child’s natural inclination to develop the primary building blocks for all future learning, initiative, exploration, persistence and developmental skill mastery. Within the structure of a predictable and consistent school day, our teachers focus on facilitating problem solving, encouraging creativity, providing developmentally appropriate activities and promoting social skills. Our carefully thought out curriculum, tied together with the Connecticut Early Learning Development Standards, supports our nurturing and play-based learning environment.

All of us at OCC feel fortunate to have the opportunity to share these special years with your family.      



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