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Infant 2

9 - 15 Months

In the Infant 2 room, new items are of instant interest to our older infants, so we seek out new textures and sounds in order to develop the five senses. We teach sign language and play music throughout the day. There is always a lot of clapping, bouncing, rocking and screeching in Infant 2, a reason so many other OCC teachers love stopping by. 

We pride ourselves in uniquely low ratios, and in this room, the ratio is 3 infants to 1 teacher.

5 Areas of Focus

Communicating with Others

In Infant 2, we focus on simple verbal requests and also teach sign language to help your infant build the foundation for future communication. Expect your baby's babbling to evolve into words and exclamations!

Building Brain Power

As your infant begins to understand more about the world them, imitation and repetition become powerful learning tools. We use these tools to promote your baby's cognitive development.

Making New Friends

Due to this age group’s tendency to develop stranger anxiety, we intentionally ask other teachers to stop by throughout the day. Your child will learn every face at the center, making their transition into future rooms smooth. We also focus on teaching sharing skills at this age.

Growing a Healthy Body

In Infant 2, in addition to mastering crawling and learning to walk, your child will learn to use spoons, forks and sippy cups. Parents are sure to see a large increase in motor-skills during their child’s time in Infant 2. 

Nurturing Creativity

Our older infants love to explore new textures and objects, and actively participate in art projects. 

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