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36+ months

Our preschool program offers children a loving environment for our kids to gain more self-esteem as they get ready to take on the world! Our children participate in independent exploration, structured activities, and hands-on learning. We help children become future learners, increase language skills, promote critical thinking, enhance creativity, and develop problem-solving skills. Our preschoolers learn all of the early literacy, mathematics, science, and social skills they need in Kindergarten. They also get plenty of one-on-one attention with a generous student-teacher well exceeding state requirements.

5 Areas of Focus

Communicating With Others
OCC uses word cards to promote early literacy and high-quality children’s literature to promote a love of reading. We encourage preschoolers to practice writing and also infuse Spanish into our lessons. Our preschoolers love learning numbers, days, months, foods, and much more in a new language.

Building Brain Power
OCC helps your preschooler gain higher-level thinking skills. We do science experiments, teach about sequence of events, patterns, and routines, and support early math skills. We use observation-based assessments to track your child’s progress and ensure Kindergarten readiness.

Making New Friends
OCC encourages your preschooler to build upon the strong relationships they have developed with their peers. We establish classroom-helper roles to engage kids in classroom responsibilities. We model social concepts, and have daily community-building discussions.

Growing a Healthy Body
OCC helps your preschooler refine motor skills. We use stencils and writing activities to enhance fine-motor skills, strengthen coordination and gross-motor skills through running, jumping, and throwing activities, and offer healthy food choices for snacks and meals.

Nurturing Creativity
OCC inspires your child to explore creative ideas and talents. We support expression through dramatic play, music, and art.​​ Our preschoolers also help their teachers with cooking and baking projects.

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