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About Our Children's Center

Our Children's Center is a non-profit daycare and preschool in West Hartford, Connecticut. We pride ourselves in providing a loving environment in which children feel free to explore and learn through play.

Not for Profit

OCC is a non-profit center, which means that all money goes back to the school. It also means that we have proven OCC's programs benefit the broader community.

Parent Board

OCC's Board of Directors is made up of classroom parents who seek to ensure that quality standards are met. This is a unique feature to OCC as parents have a genuine, vested interest in the success of the center.

Family Atmosphere

We believe that raising our children is the most important job we have in this life. We truly provide a "home away from home" for our kids. We are a family and host many events so that our parents, kids, and teachers can connect.

Play Based Curriculum

With low child-to-teacher ratios, OCC is able to tailor our play-based curriculum to follow children's interests and truly ignite a passion for learning. Learn more about our enriching curriculum and programs here.

Diverse Environment

OCC strives to provide a diverse environment, and we welcome children and families of all backgrounds. OCC maintains residence in the educational wing of the First Baptist Church, but has no affiliation with that or any other religious organization.

Community Oriented

We regularly involve groups in the community with our children, including local first responders, educators, musicians, and more.

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